Dead Sea Salt Shampoo






Scalp is the central part of human body, which regulates the flow of energy to the entire body. Dead Sea salt shampoo and other hair care products offer some exceptional compositions of Dead Sea minerals and essential plant extracts. These are useful to treat the scalp and hair, and increase blood circulation and skin rejuvenation.


In recent days, there are several varieties of Dead Sea shampoos available to support hair growth and make the hair appear more healthy and shiny. However, the best Dead Sea salt shampoos are mineral shampoos and black mud shampoos.


Mineral shampoos: These Dead Sea salt shampoos are ideal for oily, dry as well as normal hair. They gently clean, brighten and give a new energetic and shining look to hair. The high amount of Dead Sea minerals contained in these shampoos revitalizes the scalp and roots of hair, resulting in strong, manageable hair.


Black Mud Shampoos: Black mud shampoos are mainly devised for a greasy and aggravated scalp. The attractive blend of Dead Sea minerals and black mud in these Dead Sea salt shampoos alleviates itchiness in scalp areas and removes excessive production of oil in the scalp, leaving the hair clean and strong.


Today, many spa centers are pleading for Dead Sea salt shampoos and hair conditioners, since these products feature various benefits for people. In recent days, many people prefer going to those spa centers that feature Dead Sea salt shampoos for hair washing.


Benefits of Dead Sea Salt Shampoos:





Following are some of the key benefits offered by Dead Sea salt shampoos:


Purify the scalp regions.

Break through the hair shaft to include moisture against just covering the hair

Alterative for the scalp and perforate the hair roots with therapeutic minerals.

Raise the moisture level for all hair types.

Prevent early ageing of hair.

Prevent the growth of grayish hair.

Solve many other hair problems such as eczema, psoriasis, itchy scalp and dandruff.


Usage Directions:





Follow the below mentioned steps to use Dead Sea salt shampoos wisely and take maximum advantage of them:





Wash the scalp with pure water and apply small amount of Dead Sea salt shampoo.

Rub the scalp and wash with water. Do not use any other conditioner.

For the scalp to absorb shampoo minerals, it is ideal to leave the shampoo active for two to three minutes before washing.

For best positive outcomes, use Dead Sea salt shampoos thrice a week.

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